Our Story is Your Story

Every musician and audio engineer has to start somewhere. We start with the entry-level gear we can afford, and work our way up to using the best of the best gear.

In today's age, we all have the luxury of simulating all of the best classic gear directly in a DAW — but is a simulation as good as the real thing? Sure, we think plenty of it is great, but it never settles our need for the original gear. With the rise of software-variants of classic gear, quite a few companies have taken to selling the "original" as a hardware recreation — but very sadly, many of us have seen we're not being sold the real thing by these companies. To top it all off, the best classic gear is getting older, less reliable, and more expensive — even finding truly great technicians to work on them has gotten to be very difficult.

We at United are working hard to make sure everyone can finally access gear built like the original classics, with zero compromise. We have put everything we have into our products — from conception, custom parts, New Old Stock parts, and in many cases final assembly and testing that is done by hand in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Building microphones in our lab.

“I found it has a great depth — good for adding extra weight to guitar cabs, and that low end thump of a kick. It's also very nicely built.”

Andy Sneap

Backstage Recording Studios (Dream Theater, Megadeth, Slayer, Judas Priest, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Carcass, etc)

Gauss 7